Хмурое небо, пустынные пляжи, мешки с песком и пустые полки магазинов — это Нью-йорк прямо сейчас

Monday, 29 October 2012

Нью-йорк готовится к стихийному бедствию.
Фотографии читателей газеты “Нью-йорк таймс” посв. урагану Сэнди
еще фотографии.

Breezy Point, Queens
At Jacob Riis Beach, the protective sand dunes had already been breached by noon on Sunday.
Submitted by Tim Vasen

Jersey City, N.J.
Dark clouds loomed over the World Trade Center as a cruise ship passed by on Sunday.
Submitted by Srideep Biswas

Emerald Isle, NC
Waves rolling toward shore at Emerald Isle, NC.
Submitted by E Crane

Closter, N.J.
The bread aisle at the A&P grocery store in Closter, N.J., on Sunday.
Submitted by Emily Lachman

Barrington, R.I.
In Rhode Island, ready for the power outage with my flashlights, battery and my crank powered radio!
Submitted by Ellen Parker

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