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June 8, 2011, 5:00 am

Another Cuba, a Different Fidel


Ernesto Bazan’s images of the Cuban countryside are remnants of a tropical dream — suffused with tenderness, color and a hint of mystery. You can almost touch the damp earth, where a freshly slaughtered pig lays near a puddle of blood, or smell the hand-rolled puros whose smoke hangs in the air like a milky veil.

David Gonzalez


David Gonzalez, a photographer himself, is one of the most frequent contributors to Lens.

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  • Custom-made Holgas
  • Making music and pictures
  • Victims of clerical abuse
  • Death squads in Bangladesh
  • Finding a lost Marine

The rhythm of life among the guajiros en el campo — farmers in the countryside — is a slower one that reminded Mr. Bazan of his childhood in Sicily and offered a respite from the melancholy, gritty urban world portrayed in his previous book “Cuba.” He found himself returning often to the western end of the island where he spent days with farmers like Fidel Rodriguez.

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